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Prioritising satisfaction and confidence of our customers and all of our business partners and to advance our product-service quality is our primary objective as MESAN ASANSOR family which has been established in 2004 in order to progress activities in the lift manufacturing sector.

We conduct our activities in order to produce new solutions against the global market by following the technological developments closely and for the objective of utilising the most correct approaches for yourselves.

We advance our work at the highest level in order to make our brand as the demanded and trusted lift brand around the world by further strengthening our positions in Turkey with regards to manufacturing and sale of lifts.

MESAN, which had been enhancing quality of the material, its machine park and management organization under the light of technological data as extension of its quality policy, has increased its production facility area from 450 m2 to 900 m2 in 2006 within the new investment perspective.

Our company, which has actively has a plant area of 6000 m2 at the moment, is continuing with its works in order to be able to provide better service with the quality.

Our company, which has started to export its products in 2007 in active way, is also standing next to its customers with its packaged product sales by utilizing lift consumable parts through “Lift Market” in parallel to all of these activities.

We are always very glad to share our experiences with our specialist technical workforce available both in our plant and in our headquarters in Esenyurt – Istanbul with yourselves through these objectives.

MESAN meets all of the safety and quality requirements that have been referred in regulations in Turkey in full by designing certified high quality products for its customers.

Our company, which advances through innovative and sustainable growth objective, possess ISO 9001 and TSEK certificates and has laser cutting machine and full automatic tunnel type powder coating line and it put emphasis on providing certified lift products and service for lifts in Turkey and in markets around the world.



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Ceiling Models MSN 043

hydraulic carcass

Ceiling Models MSN 043

Ceiling Models MSN 043

Ceiling Models MSN 043

Covering Models MSN 042

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